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August 17th, 20xx (?), 11??? pm

  • Jina sets out to find Jae, while Jihoon and Seohyun try to find a way to help fight the flames. Jihoon goes into the village head's house, where he finds an Alb-21 epipen, and a picture frame with a photo of the opening ceremony of the White Island Health Clinic from 1989, and a calendar that shows the last time someone updated it was July 30th.
  • They manage to extinguish the flames by connecting an old fire hose to a hydrant. When they enter the now burnt down community center, Jina and Jae are already in there. How and when did that happen? When questioning Jae about what he's been doing and if he found anything, he doesn't feel like talking.
  • Jina and Seohyun suspect that the fire had been deliberately set, so they try to find clues about what could have happened. There is a burnt watch on the floor and a bottle of nitroglycerin, which is usually used to treat heart attacks but can be used to make bombs, on the ceiling.
  • Minhyeok, a subordinate of Daehan, calls the four kids to the village head's house, where detective Daehan has gathered all people that were on the island: the four friends, Kim Seo and Jang. Min Hyeok lets a strange clue slip: these are everyone who are on the island, the rest of the villagers have all been...missing? The detectives question everyone and try to find the suspect.