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Can't Let You Go Alone is the first epsiode of White Island's first season.

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  • Jihoon goes to Geomun Island, where he believes his girlfriend Seohyun is. From the harbor terminal in Geomun Island there is a ferry to White Island, where their (history?) professor [NAME?] went missing. Jihoon wants to accompany Seohyun who decided to look for the professor by herself. Even after filing a missing persons report, the police hasn't done anything after 17 [?] days.
  • There are three other people at the port, a fisherman, Kim Seo and Jang, who disguised himself as a worker at the ticket booth for the ferry. Both Kim Seo and Jang tell Jihoon that the only ferry that sails to White Island is cancelled that day.
  • After Jihoon manages to make an announcement via loudspeakers, Seohyun comes to find him at the ticket booth. They notice that the plank that was connected to the ferry has been removed, so they believe the cancellation. In truth Kim Seo and Jang went on the ferry by themselves.
  • Seohyun suggest that they still try to go to White Island by other means, so Jihoon asks the fisherman for a ride. The fisherman refuses because his rudder is broken, so Jihoon goes to search for some rope that is sturdy enough to repair it, while Seohyun stays at the harbor terminal to rest.
  • While searching he meets his friend Jae, who didn't want Jihoon and Seohyun to go by themselves, and Jina, who is accused of tagging along only because she thinks of a trip to White Island as a vacation. After a childish fight, the two newcomers go to the harbor as well. Jihoon first finds a rubber band and takes it with him.
  • When Jihoon arrives at the harbor, the ferry for White Island isn't docked there anymore; it left already without them. Seohyun didn't notice it leaving because, so she claims, she fell asleep. It doesn't matter though, as the four friends manage to convince the fisherman to take them to White Island for the rubber band Jihoon gave him, with which he repaired his broken rudder. Seohyun gifts Jihoon a pendent she hilds dear during the boat ride.
  • Upon their arrival, they see Jang and Kim Seo, who are fishing. Apparently, the cancellation of the ferry was a misunderstanding. The four friends leave their luggages at the community center, where they find an old newspaper article: the professor had already been on White Island 10 (?) years ago.
  • It looks like it is about to rain and Jae sets out by himself to find the professor, lest all traces be washed away. Jina prevents Jihoon and Seohyun from leaving. Only after convincing her, they go out to search for Jae. There is a buff dude outaids who isn't a gangster and i dont remember what he was called and was he was doing there, he isnt an 'islanders though.
  • In the village head's (???) House there is a detective whose name I also don't remember. He doesn't want the kids to snoop around and kicks them out because he doesn't want anyone to tamper with the crime scene. It strange though, what is a homicide(?) detective investigating in an otherwise empty village?
  • While searching for Jae, the three stumble upon a field with white lilies. Seohyun claims that the professor once made her test the flowers for a hallucinogenic that may cause cannibalism. (iirc? inconsistency much lol Seohyun both you and the professor clim to have never visited White Island) They also find the place where the professor hid a photo album of White Island, which only contains an image of a cave, and a map of the village with a hole in it. When the map is put over a wooden board that depicts the island's creation myth, it shows that there is a basement in the principal's house.
  • They still havent found Jae, which is strange because there aren't that many places where he could have gone: left of the wooden board the path can't be used because of construction work. When they return to the community building, they are presented with a shocking sight: the community center engulfed in flames.
  • Addendum: Seohyun tells Jihoon to Absolutley inject alb-12 because the fire my have been caused my chemicals. Just what is alb-12? :thinkingemoji: